Stop struggling!

One day you stand,

the next day, you fall..
One day you’re nearer,
the next, more and more farther..
One day you laugh,
the next, cry..
The endless waves keep crashing
on the shore
as you try to swim into the Ocean
to reach into the middle of the Ocean.
One day you know how to swim,
the next, you’re gasping for air
struggling to stay above the water..
You keep trying n trying
and then wanting to give up
you stop trying
and the waves pull you in..
For some moments,
you drown
yet you don’t struggle,
and as those moments pass,
you are
in the middle of the Ocean..
No waves,
no shore,
just calmness..
If only you’d stop trying
stop struggling,
and let be,
then how easy it is
to be where you wanted to..

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