Stop struggling!

One day you stand,the next day, you fall..One day you're nearer,the next, more and more farther..One day you laugh,the next, cry..The endless waves keep crashingon the shoreas you try to swim into the Oceanto reach into the middle of the Ocean.One day you know how to swim,the next, you're gasping for airstruggling to stay above… Continue reading Stop struggling!


I surrender..

Soft sobbing,tears flowing..gazing at the sky..Here i amdown on my knees againsurrendering all..surrendering all..Find me hereLord as you draw me neardesperate for Youdesperate for You..I surrender..Drench my soulas mercy and grace unfold..With arms stretched widei know You hear me cryspeak to me nowspeak to me now..I surrender..I surrender..Like a rushing windJesus breathe within..Lord have Your… Continue reading I surrender..