The Moon

And its a full moon tonight..

I opened the terrace door
looking at the setting sun
just disappearing..
and as i turned around,
the Moon..
for a few moments..
And yet again..
the first thought was of you..
Did you see it?
Beautiful, isn’t it?
Just rising,
and yet so brightish,
the moon is
completely complete tonight..
But its not the completeness
that i love..
Not even its disappearance
on a new-moon day..
The moon keeps changing shapes,
appears n disappears,
is full n invisible to the eye..
Yet, that’s not why i love the moon..
Doesn’t matter if it is complete
and stays here
or disappears n remains invisble..
It still is..
Just present..
Though..i wonder,
if the moon feels the same love..
Can the moon love us back?
Does it even matter if it does or doesn’t?
‘Nope, it doesn’t matter,
coz i’ll love the moon anyways..’,
i whisper as i wink at the moon
and blow him a flyin kiss..
😉 :-*
Words disappear
as i gaze at the moon
becoming brighter
as a white dot
in the sea of blueness..


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