The Serenity after a storm..

When the storm

of emotions,

of hurt n pain,
of past memories n mistakes,
of doubts and worthlessness,
when the storm is passing,
it feels like it would never end..
it feels like its gonna destroy

And when it feels like that
can’t even move ahead even a bit,
can’t even look ahead..
When it feels like that
like everything is crashing onto me,
I every other time..
crying out,
trying to reach out to You..
Even after all the crying,
it doesn’t seem like
the storm would ever pass..

And yet…
how magically it disappears!
how do You do it!!
Waking up after that sleep,
there was no storm
just a deep serenity
and a calmness..
Like You took away all those doubts
all those pain n hurt,
all those past memories n mistakes,
You took them away..
Seems like they don’t even exist anymore..
The storm doesn’t exist anymore..
Where did it disappear..

Just the deep calmness within
And like everytime,
i hear You smiling thru the sound of leaves
rustling in the breeze..
Thank You..“, i whisper..

As the sun sets
and darkness spreads,
even thru that darkness,
a path appears..
and You light up that path,
showing me the Way again..


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