I understand..

When I bring to you coloured toys, my child, I understand
why there is such a play of colours on clouds, on water,
and why flowers are painted in tints
-when I give coloured toys to you, my child.

When I sing to make you dance I truly know
why there is music in leaves,
and why waves send their chorus of voices
to the heart of the listening earth
-when I sing to make you dance.

When I bring sweet things to your greedy hands I know 
why there is honey in the cup of the flower
and why fruits are secretly filled with sweet juice
-when I bring sweet things to your greedy hands.

When I kiss your face to make you smile, my darling,
I surely understand 
what the pleasure is that streams from the sky in morning light,
and what delight that is which the summer breeze brings to my body
-when I kiss you to make you smile.

– Poem 62 from Gitanjali
by Rabindranath Tagore.

P.S. I miss you, sometimes, on days like this one. But how can I miss what has never been lost?
 You’re still here in my heart and always will be. I’m sorry, is all I can say. ^^


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