Drops in the Ocean…

Are the drops in the oceanor the ocean is in the drops?What does it matter?They are the same.. Water..Are the drops in the ocean countlessor is the ocean infinite?What does it matter?Both are the same.. Limitless..And these heartbeats,continuous..And this Love,infinite...What does it matter?Both are the same.. One..*****If you wanna knowhow far my Love can go..Just… Continue reading Drops in the Ocean…


Just fly..

Do you know how it feelsto fly?Don't you know how it feelsto fly!Every time you jump with joy,with that boundless joy within,you fly..When your heart sings with joy,you fly..When that tune makes you dancespontaneously,you fly..So just fly..sing.. dance..jump..Let that river of joy flow,let that ocean roarfrom within..Just close your eyeslet go of worries..and fly..:D