Where have you been searching?

\”Moko kahan dhundhe re bande 
Main to tere paas mein ..

Na teerath mein, na moorat mein, 

na ekant niwas mein..
Na mandir mein, na masjid mein, 
na kaabe Kailas mein..
Main to tere paas mein bande 
main to tere paas mein…

Na main jap mein, na main tap mein, 

na main barat upaas mein..
Na main kriya karm mein rehta 
naahin jog sanyas mein..

Naahin pran mein, naahin pind mein,

na brahmand akas mein..
Na main prakruti prawar gufa mein,
naahin shwaason ki shwaans mein..

Khoji hoye turat mil jaoon 

ek pal ki talash mein..
Kahet Kabir suno bhai sadho, 
main to hun Viswas mein..\”

Translation of the beautiful verses of Kabir ji..:

Where have you been searching?
Where have you been searching for me?
I am with you..

Not in pilgrimage, nor in icons
Neither in solitudes..

Not in temples, nor in mosques
Neither in Kaba nor in Kailash..

I am with you, O friend..
I am with you..

Not in prayers or chants, nor in meditation,
Neither in fasting..
Not in yoga, neither in renunciation..

Neither in the vital force nor in the body..
Not even in the ethereal space ..

Neither in the womb of Nature 
Not even in the breath of the breath..

To the one who seeks, I\’m found instantly..
in just a moment of search..
Says Kabir, Listen with care..
Where your Faith is, I am there..


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