Drop it all away..

When the ‘imaginary’ burdens

increased too much..
beyond what she could hold,
too many roles,
too many tasks,
too many this n that,
too many do-this n don’t-do-that,
too many burdens
on her shoulders..
She couldn’t take it anymore..

And she dropped them all..
Like a very heavy backpack
that makes the shoulders so weary n tired,
that you just have to drop the backpack..
She dropped them all..

Like walking on a long journey
you suddenly need a rest
to sit down, to relax..
She dropped it all
and sat on the edge of the terrace again..

Away from the whole world..
Away from the imaginary burdens..
Away from the roles and games..
Away from being ‘someone’
what others thought she was,
or what she thought she was..
Away from ‘an image’ to maintain..
Away from all of it..

Just being..
Coz nothing else matters..
Nothing at all..

Just being..
Listening to the heart beating..
The birds flying..
Clouds moving..
Gentle breeze flowing..
Just flow..
Just be..

Where was the mind now, she wondered..
Where were its tendencies?
Where were the memories n scars now?
They don’t even exist
except in the mind..
So why do we try to hold on to them?
Why not just drop it all away..?

But what if they keep comin back?
Coz they always seem to hit her at the
least expected moment..

Then drop it all away..again..
Keep dropping again n again..
Coz you can either carry the heavy load
or just drop it all away..and just be..

So keep them dropping..
Drop.. Drop.. Dropping..
and just be..


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