Which was that moment that held my hand

drawing me into that directionless direction..

Like a little kid, these eyes ran
through those streets full of dreams,
but not wanting all that,
they drew me into that directionless direction..

all the distances and all far-ness is now near,
How amazingly weird is this, that we call \’Life\’..

The silence beyond these faint breaths,
The recognition in that silence,
is making my heart explode..
The whole sky is resounding that now..
and that is making us
utterly speechless!
In this living, until now..we were there..
more or less, we were always there..
And now,
even as we stay still, we\’re walking..
its astonishingly weird..
and that is making all these roads and paths
utterly speechless!

Above was a rough translation (the way i felt the song)
of the lyrics of the song below.
Bezubaan song from movie Piku

{ Kis lamhe ne thami ungli meri..
fusla ke mujhko le chala..}

{ nange paon daudi, aankhen meri..
khwabon ki sari bastiyan..}

{ har dooriyan har faasle..karib hai..
is umra ki bhi shakshiyat ajeeb hai..}

{hmm.. hmmm…}

{ jheeni jheeni in saanson se
pehchani si aawazon mein..
goonja hai aaj aasma
kaise hum bezubaan! }

{ is jeene mein..kahin hum bhi the
the zyada ya jara kum hi the..
ruk ke bhi chal pade magar
raste sab bezubaan! }


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