The Specs!

Since ages,
i kept wearing these specs
these glasses
that were meant to see clearly,
yet hazy, all the time..

I couldn’t see clearly
even with the specs on..
and yet
i kept the specs on 
all the time
got accustomed so much
to the hazy vision
thinking, believing,
“maybe that’s the way
this world really looks!”
Those specs had become my eyes.

Not once did it occur to me
to even question the hazy vision.
Not once did it occur to me
to think if the specs were removable.
The hazy vision hurt, gave headaches,
yet thinking that was normal,
not once did i question the existence of the specs.

And one day,
the specs broke
the glasses shattered
and behold!
Gone was the hazy vision
along with the hurt and headaches!
I could see…clearly!
without the specs!
Everything looked so clear and beautiful!
Not hazy, unclear like i had believed
that it was ‘normal’..

Would i ever wear another specs again?
Even if they were beautifully gold-framed
yet had the same old hazy vision?
You bet!
Never ever again..


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