Don’t stop the madness

People around me are still stuck in petty fights and politics of caste.
Some think their caste is better, others think theirs is better.
Same with religions.
When God is One, why fight?
We forget our One religion…Humanity.
Instead the petty egos fight for petty things like reservation.
Its all so saddening..
But they would never understand, would they?
Fights or even debates about caste, religion, even region or countries,
I always disliked all that, still do.
Can’t they not see beyond their eyesight?
We all are humans. Be a human.
Atleast be a human being.

No one can make them all understand.
And you don’t even want to.
Coz its not your job.
Its nobody’s job.
They’ll understand when they have to.
You be true to yourself.

And I hope all this madness around, never stops.
Coz it keeps reminding me every time, every moment
to go beyond all these things
and reach for the higher Truth.
Maybe the pain and suffering we go through
does have a meaning after all..
Coz how would we be humble and loving
if we didn’t go through all the suffering?
Coz how would we surrender ourselves to the One
if we didn’t go through all the pain and suffering?

Don’t stop the madness – by Tenth Avenue North.

There’s a beggar down inside of me
Standing on the corner of the street
And my shame is my only company..
Could use some cash but can’t admit my need,
For what You’ve got and what I could receive..
I need your Love to come and break the silence..

Don’t stop the madness, don’t stop the chaos..
Don’t stop the pain surrounding me
Don’t be afraid, Love, to break my heart
Just bring me down to my knees, yeah..

All i hear is what they’re selling me
that God is Love, He isn’t suffering
and what you need is a little faith in prosperity..

But, oh my God, i know there’s more than this..
if You promise pain it can’t be meaningless,
so make me poor if that’s the price of Freedom..

When we’re breaking down, or falling apart
Don’t stop with your Love..

And don’t stop the madness, don’t stop the chaos..
Don’t stop the pain inside of me..
Do whatever it takes to give me your Heart
and bring me down to my knees, Lord..


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