‘Be Love’

“I love you”

Three words now seem meaningless.
Who ‘I’ and who ‘you’?
And love as a verb?
How does one ‘love’, like doing an activity?
Is love an activity? A verb?

I just am.
Who else would I ‘love’ (as a verb)?

But on removing the ‘I’ and ‘you’,
only Love remains!
(Love as a noun, a name.) (no verb)
which is again one name
for the Nameless!

But on removing the attachments
with ‘others’,
only ‘Love’ remains!
(Love as a feeling within.)
which is again a feeling
as ever-present as Bliss!

No need to fall in love
or rise in love,
No need to affirm to ‘others’
with the mere “I love you’s”..

The mind needs to be loved
and wants and demands from others
coz the mind is incomplete by itself
so it seeks outward
in ‘other’ people or things..

Don’t seek.
Just quiet the mind.

and just ‘Be’
Only ‘Love’ remains..
Love, as a name for the Nameless!
Love, as a feeling ever-present!

Rather than falling in love with ‘others’,
Be Love!



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