Who am I?

Every ‘thing’ is perishable..
Every ‘thought’, every ‘feeling’,
every ‘sensation’ is perishable..
Even the body and mind..

And yet..
the mind-body runs
after the pleasures of the world..
Which pleasures?
The perishable “things” ??

Why doesn’t the desires go away?
Why does the mind constantly ‘want’?
..wants to ‘be’ something/someone.
..wants to ‘do’ something.
..wants to ‘acquire’ something.
..wants ‘acknowledgement’ from ‘other’ people.
Seeking constantly,
trying to achieve,
and even on achieving, wants more n more..
And on Not getting what it wants,
there comes anger and hatred.
And on getting what it wants,
the joy of getting lasts only temporarily
as the fear seeps in
fear of ‘losing’
leading to possessiveness,
protectiveness, jealousy, envy,
and all sorts of fears..

What would happen if you lost all that?
Lost all those desires and thoughts
and those identities
that you are somebody to someone..
Lost even those feelings and emotions
of joy and pain..

“Who am I?”
If not these perishable ‘things’,
if not these mind and body,
if not these thoughts, feelings, desires,
if not these memories..

Isn’t there “something” beyond all that, that persists?
Unchanging, Everlasting..
Nameless, Formless.
Beyond the mind.
Beyond the memories.

Like the unchanging, constant vast Sky (or Space)
which is beyond the clouds,
beyond the ‘blue’ color it projects,
beyond the planets and galaxies of stars..

What is that “something”?
Without names or forms,
beyond the mind and memories and identities..
If only we could pause the mind
and just observe..


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