all you need is a movie
the one with a happy ending…
the one with feelings and good values..
coz when the days seem bleak,
and the world around seems crazy,
these movies bring back your hope,
telling you 
that everything is goin to be okay in the end..
and everything is alright..
Coz we are still living,
and its not the end,
so don’t let your thoughts overpower you..
so don’t lock yourself into your room..
just look out that window,
step out of that door..
And feel..
And see..
The hope.. Its everywhere around..
Every bird sings it..
Every tree reminds you of it..
Every flower spreads the fragrance about it..
Every current of breeze dances with it..
Every thing in the universe is singing,
can you hear it?
“Don’t give up.. Don’t give in..
Let that Hope shine in your heart..
Its all going to be alright..”
Shhh.. Can you hear it?
Feel it and let that hope spread a big wide smile..

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