The way of the Heart..

The way of the Heart – by Karunesh.
(beautiful instrumental music!)

The silence of the night,
the coolness of the darkness,
and listening to the instrumental music..
Feeling amazed
at how some music flows
and touches the heart..
how some breeze flows
and touches the heart
the heart that you protected so much
between the rib cage,
yet the breeze touches it
and opens up the heart,
the music touches it
and opens up the heart
and the feeling flows
beautiful feelings..
No resistance,
no struggle..
Just Love inside the heart..
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
Can you touch it?
Just breathe it in..
the Love..
Breathe the Love in
and let it fill and flow
inside, outside..
And then open the eyes and see…
Isn’t this world like a miracle?
A beautiful amazing place?
Nothing makes sense if you think or analyze..
Yet if you keep quiet and just look,
everything is just simply amazing
everything is a wonder in itself..
even that tiny ant!
even that dried up leaf!
even this air that we breathe!
Such a wonder!
So just smile..
And breathe it in..
Breathe the Love in..
Let it flow in every single cell of the body..
Let it swirl in every corner of the world..
Its there, all around..
Just open your Heart and look..

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