Loneliness and solitude..


loneliness is like being bitten by a bug..

The pain goes away
but boy, does it hurt..
At other times,
the same loneliness
is like a warmly welcomed friend..
Makes you feel so much better
after constant push-n-pull from people around..
I welcome the loneliness
after a long day
and yet it hurts a bit..
And i’m quite aware
that it would go away,
yet that doesn’t lessen it in any way..
Watching out the window
into the dark night,
i realize why the loneliness hurts..
Its not coz i want some company..
I love being alone, on my own..
But the loneliness..
it hurts coz the mind keeps comparing
everything with other people’s good things..
That person is doing this,
this person got that,
And then it looks at –
what did ‘i’ get? Nothing.
what am ‘i’ doing? Nothing.
where am ‘i’ going? Nowhere.
And then those thoughts reflect as the hurtful loneliness
instead of the beautiful solitude..
Loneliness and Solitude
are both the same,
except in one thing..
the thoughts.
When the mind keeps thinking and comparing
we feel lonely, even when with people around us..
When the mind is quiet,
and we’re just being,
then its not loneliness,
its beautiful solitude..
A wide smile spread on my face
as i realized this..
And the loneliness disappeared
or did it just run away? Lol.
No more comparison,
no more thinking,
atleast not for now..
Only being..
And breathing..
and feeling the feelings..
Being alone is beautiful..
(just dont let the mind or the thoughts creep in,
and even if they do, just ignore them.. 😉


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