The morning breeze..

The blue sky..
The sun behind the building
cannot be seen,
only its light..
Few birds flying around,
some sitting at the roof top..
And sitting on the swing
in the balcony,
she smiles
as she wonders..
“What has changed in the night before?
why do i feel so light?
Is it bcoz i slept so soundly?
But even the mind is quiet now
that was so agitated yesterday..
What has changed in the night before?
What has changed in all this time?
Have i changed? Or am i still the same i was?
Coz i feel the same..
The direction is being changed again
by some invisible hands
and yet again,
i flow..
coz any direction,
all the directions…would take me to just one point..
The nothingness..
The one-ness..
In the end, nothing matters at all..
Just being..
So just keep breathing
and ignore the mind..”

A tiny sparrow flew near her
sat on the railing for a few moments
and again flew away
somewhere into the vast blue sky
full of clouds..
“Where does everything come from?
And where does it all disappear?
The whole nature, earth n stars,
the thoughts n feelings,
the mind n body,
and what not..
Where does it all go?
Into the nothingness..
The emptiness..
The one-ness..
The formlessness..
Whatever names we give it,
its there…
just like the sky,
Clouds come n go,
day changes to night..
Yet there it is..
The vast sky..


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