One hundred names!

Reading whole day
not bothering about food or water..
Lying on bed, reading..
Lying on floor, reading..
Sitting on the floor, reading..
Not minding the heat of the summer afternoon,
not minding anyone or anything…
Just lost..
Completely lost in the story..
Feeling so connected..

The day turned to night
as i finished the book..
Feeling so moved..
Feeling so hopeful..
Something that i needed,
something that i had felt
and the writer just put it in words for me..
The gist of the story..
And that part about the gift of giving..

“You’ve done it again, Cecelia..
Thank you for a wonderful story.”
I whisper silently,
as if the writer is a good friend of mine..
She isn’t, but she is. ^^
Here’s the lovely lines of the story
that really touched my heart.. 🙂

“If you were to randomly select one hundred people from a phone directory, you would not only find a story, you would find one hundred stories, because everybody, every single person, has a story to tell. Every single ordinary person has an extraordinary story. 

We might all think that we are unremarkable, that our lives are boring, just because we aren’t doing ground-breaking things or making headlines or winning awards. But the truth is we all do something that is fascinating, that is brave, that is something we should be proud of. Every day people do things that are not celebrated. That is what we should be writing about. The unsung heroes, the people that don’t believe they are heroes at all because they are just doing what they believe they have to do in their lives.

And so true it is..
All the people i have met,
real or online,
the ones i’ve really got to know
their insides, their story,
the story of their life,
each person was so beautiful and brave
and amazing
each person living their life in a way best known to them,
each person, all of them different,
yet so similar!
i just dont have any proper adjective!
they have all inspired me in a way
that even i was unaware of..
This is to all the wonderful beings out there!
I wish and hope you are all doing well..


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