A few days back, i read this article about how much we are not aware while eating food, we are not aware of the food which goes inside our bodies, nourishes us and eventually becomes a part of us..

Since then, i realized i was more mindful while eating. I didn’t decide about being mindful, it just came naturally as a reminder to me when i started to eat lunch.
I was filled with gratitude as i thought about how the food was going to nourish the body. I was filled with gratitude as i thought about its source…the plants and vegetables that grew on the Earth from a tiny seed. It amazed me how the life cycle goes on…and yet we are so unaware of a simple thing as this food we eat.

It has been 3-4 days now, and every time i eat food, i try to be mindful of eating and i’m filled with gratitude each time. Can one say ‘Thank you’ to the food? Would it listen? 🙂


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