And there she walked,

with shoes in hand,
the little stones hurting a little bit,
and yet she walked,
listening to songs,
her small ponytail hair swinging,
a silly smile on her face,
and happiness in her heart..
She didnt care about anything now,
neither the outside situations
nor anything else
could shake off her happiness..
Whatever came her way,
or didnt,
she was happy..
She’d jump with joy sometimes
when nobody was looking..
She’d smile at kids,
she’d smile at trees, leaves, and bees..
She’d wish well to all the strangers
that passed in the street..
She didnt have any job,
and yet she was happy..
Ofcourse, there were moments
when she wasn’t happy,
when she dwelled in the past,
and the memories would come gushing by..
“And yet again, they were strangers, this time, with memories..”
As the tears would threaten to fall,
she’d dismiss them
coz all that didnt matter anymore,
nothing matters at all,
and she’d bring a smile instead,
feeling grateful for all that she did,
for all the people she met,
for everything,
and she’d be happy again..
How did she reach here?
She didnt know..
Maybe ‘the guardian angel’ brought her here!
“Thank you..” was all she could say..
I am happy!
and the Sun has brightened my day yet again! ^^


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