Evening on the terrace

Back on the terrace,
the sun already set,
leaving behind a trail of light,
and twilight of the evening
as one star shines far..
I sing along,
expressing what the song speaks,
“I dont wanna stay..”
not here, nor there..
Where am i supposed to be?
Probably nowhere..
No-where? Or Now-here?
I smile and wave at a bird,
playing my imaginary guitar
along with the beautiful solo..
Not a single person seen around
on any of the nearby terraces,
so i be myself and play and sing!
Ah! To be free!
And as the song reaches the end,
i stand up on the edge of the terrace
laughing, no fear at all
not even a slightest bit fear
of falling down..
When did i grew wings?
When did i started trusting myself?
So i bow down,
still standing on the edge,
i bow down
feeling grateful
feeling thankful
for nobody in particular
for everyone
for every thing in general..
Whom to thank and whom not to?
Coz I dunno how i reached here..
Were it those songs?
Those evening walks?
Those awesome moments?
Those books i read?
Those people?
Or just me?
I dunno..
And it doesnt matter..
So i thank everyone..
*bows down*
“You’re all awesome!
all the people and things,
and esp. Nature..
So awesome!”
**magical glitterrrrrrrrrsss for the whole world**
Oh yeah.. can you see them?
Out on the porch..
Ah, but they don’t wave
I see them..
Round the front way, yeah!
And I know and I know
I don’t want to stay..
Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

(Omg! The music of this song!! PJ is magical as always! :D)


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