Evening on the terrace

Ah!Back on the terrace,alone,the sun already set,leaving behind a trail of light,and twilight of the eveningas one star shines far..I sing along,expressing what the song speaks,"I dont wanna stay.."not here, nor there..Where am i supposed to be?Probably nowhere..No-where? Or Now-here?I smile and wave at a bird,playing my imaginary guitaralong with the beautiful solo..Not a single… Continue reading Evening on the terrace



And there she walked,with shoes in hand,barefoot,the little stones hurting a little bit,and yet she walked,listening to songs,her small ponytail hair swinging,a silly smile on her face,and happiness in her heart..She didnt care about anything now,neither the outside situationsnor anything elsecould shake off her happiness..Whatever came her way,or didnt,she was happy..She'd jump with joy sometimeswhen… Continue reading Happy!