Back to the same old!

And after all the wandering,

she felt like she was back to where she had started,
she didnt want to be back at home,
she wanted to keep on wandering,
different places,
different kinds of people,
she loved it
coz the mind became quiet while wandering,
whereas here at home,
no matter how hard she tried,
she couldnt stop herself
and even one of the tiniest incident
would make her want to run away!
But she knew better now.
Running away was far worse.
She had to live between these very people,
and she didnt mind living here,
she just wanted to be left alone..
She longed for some solitude..
That precious alone time
when she would do nothing,
nothing at all..
No interactions with people or friends,
no speaking or talking,
no reading or anything,
doing nothing except contemplating
and watching the birds fly by
from the window,
gazing at the blue sky and the moon,
the setting sun,
the silence and quietness..
Sweet solitude..


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