Diving underwater!

Scuba diving!

Breathe in,
breathe out..
Breathe in,
Breathe out..
Its so simple,
yet so difficult when you do it consciously..
The training session
and then goin into the depths
of a whole another world..
Seeing it on tv
and seeing it in front of ur eyes
a complete different experience..
Just heartbeats
just breathing,
in and out,
in and out,
and keep looking..
The corals,
the fishes, tiny and big,
the sand,
the colourful fishes,
in groups and alone,
so lovely, so beautiful,
Breathe in,
breathe out..
Breathe in,
breathe out..
Just breathe and watch
is all you have to do,
yet so very difficult..
i keep hanging onto the hand
of the diving instructor,
as we dive deep in,
he keeps asking me every few minutes if i’m okay,
and i tell him when i’m not,
he keeps directing me
towards all the beauty that lay beneath..
And then he let go of my hand
and i’m still inside
with still so much depth below,
yet i neither drown n go down
nor do i float upwards,
coz the instructor is still behind,
guiding me..
And i realize how much scared i was,
yet there’s nothing to be scared of
in this amazing world..
‘Unconditional surrender’, I remember 
and trust..
and as i become accustomed to breathing and ear pressure,
i dont need to hold the instructor’s hand anymore,
i let go
and float on my own..
and become enthralled by this beautiful world..
The corals,
so many fishes,
all kinds of fishes,
a few big ones,
sea anemones..
And i watch them swim
so swift,
disappear and appear
as i breathe in
breathe out..
Just breathe..
And the rest of the time flew so swift,
we floated back up,
and the instructor asked me how was it,
and i said, “Beautiful! Amazing!”
Just two words
which didnt give justice to what i felt..
Still feeling the heartbeat,
i smile at him and say “thank you so much!”
He smiles and waves,
probably he knew how i felt
from the look of my face,
probably not..
I dunno..
And then i fell again..
For andaman..
For these islands..
Feeling a bit sad, leaving this place,
coz i’m leaving a piece of my heart behind..
in that water, between those fishes,
i dropped my heart somewhere..
Another piece of my heart..
And carrying with me this feeling,
this experience,
feeling mesmerized
and in love..
How come i fall in love with places
more than with people?
I have no idea..
But that doesn’t matter..
Nothing matters at all..
Not wanting to go back
to the world of ‘me’ n ‘mine’,
of these people, and so much misery around,
where people fight for petty things,
where they want everything more
more money, more fame,
more knowledge, more prestige..
How does that all matter?
I dont wanna go back to that world..
I wanna just breathe..
Breathe in, Breathe out..
Just breathe..
And watch..
this beauty all around..
Nature’s beauty..
The sea, sky,
waves, breeze..
Why cant we just sit and watch?
Why do we have to go places
and do things
and be somebody?!
Why cant we just breathe
and forget everything else?

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