No beginnings, no ends..

Whole day passes by

I stay cooped up all day
in the small room,
trying to decipher everything..
Not feeling like going for the random walk,
i look outside the door..
The evening is about to begin..
The sun would set..
To get some fresh air,
i go upstairs, on the terrace..
And like always,
Nature amazes me,
kind of how one feels after a shower,
feelin so refreshed!
The sun slowly moving downwards
leaving a trail of light behind..
The clouds, trying to catch and hold
that light of sun, which made them glow..
The currents of breeze, flowing around everywhere,
the coolness in the atmosphere,
the birds – pigeons and kites flying by,
some of them just sitting by,
some fluttering their wings every now n then..
The tree nearby,
lots of branches without any leaves,
and the branches with leaves had almost orangish leaves
as if the leaves fading away,
some leaves already dried up
just waiting for the wind to blow them off the tree,
and a few green leaves, would they be sad?
to see the other leaves fly off?
Few clouds move away
and now the perfectly half moon is visible!
Making me surprised to see it there so early in the evening..
I wave back to the moon,
but seems like he’s not in a talking mood
coz he hides again behind the clouds..
The tree seemed to be touching the sky
or is it just an illusion?
just like a horizon where land and sky touch?
Is the tree growing up towards the sky
or did the sky lowered to be wrapped around the tree?
What is the space between all the branches?
Is that sky? Coz those spaces look blue..
Where does the tree end and where does the sky begin?!
I’m lost..
Cant figure out anything..
And then i smile as i dismiss the idea
to know what is what..
Does the tree or the sky care where they begin and where they end?
They just are..
Also afar..
Maybe there are no beginnings and no ends?

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