The feeling that flows..

Some song of Pearl Jam

playing in the background,
not knowing where i was
or how,
fully sober or drunk?
was it night or day?
eyes closed,
not thinking anything,
only trusting completely
and then suddenly
the heart opens
or was it already open?
or maybe it opens and closes
like waves comin n goin..
Still not knowing anything..
Still not wanting anything..
except maybe that moment
when the heart opens
and you can feel the love flowing
or was it the blood?
blood flowing from heart 
to head to hair to fingers 
to every cell?!
All the memories
and thoughts
and reality
so jumbled up..
Dunno what was real
and what was that dream..
Or was it all a dream?
Or is this a dream now?
When did i read Rumi’s poems?
In the metro? Or in these moments?
Did i meet Pearl Jam LIVE?
or was it just some songs that felt real?
Did i really hug that street dog
like he was a long-lost friend?
Or was that also a dream?
Or was that also just my imagination?
Even more confused about everything..
Except that one feeling
that now flows inside me,
along with the blood
in the heart,
more than just a memory,
it flows..

Will that feeling also go away?
like all other feelings
that keep comin n goin..
Will it go away?
I really dont care about it..
It might or might not go away..
I do not care about whether it would stay,
i only care that its here now
flowing inside of me..
coz so what if it goes away,
so what if it stays..
its flowing now,
see…how it flows..
just feel it,
just breathe…
And like Rumi says,
“When the ocean surges, don’t let me just hear it. Let it splash inside my chest!”

Let it splash,
let it be felt,
this feeling that flows..


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