Arriving and leaving..

The days passing,

or is it me passing the day?
i wonder..
feeling nothing..
Not sad,
not happy,
nothing again..
Its a serene evening,
back on the terrace as usual,
listening to music,
watching the metro trains pass by
every few minutes..
Few weeks left now,
then i’ll be leaving,
neither happy nor sad,
maybe a bit of both..
So what next?
I was wandering aimlessly,
never thought i’d come here,
and obviously
when we arrive, we also have to leave
someday we have to leave..
just like, what is born, also dies..
what comes, also goes..
a book that you start reading, gets finished someday..
what’s started, reaches to an end..
The endless cycle..
“To and fro, the pendulum throws..

We are here and then we go..
My shadow left me a long time ago..
To and fro, the pendulum throws..”
(Pendulum – Pearl Jam)

So now what next?
Study? Work?
Or both?
I dont know!
And cant even decide..
Coz why does it even matter?
Does it matter?
What does matter anyway?
Everything’s fleeting,
comes and goes,
these thoughts,
these feelings,
keep changing..
Except a few things,
Nature’s eternal life cycle..
That mystic ‘Love’
Pearl Jam’s songs,
they are for forever! *_*


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