The clouds gather,
cover up the sun,
soon the weather’s grey
a slight coolness
and the anticipation..

Sometimes it rains
sometimes it drizzles
sometimes it thunders
sometimes it pours..

Every time
it makes me wonder
not about the science
but the beauty of nature..
Every time
it makes me feel
sometimes happy, joyful
sometimes sad
other times a quiet melancholy..

So i sit in the rain
gaze at the skies,
watch the droplets falling..
So i walk in the rain
closing my eyes
and feel the droplets falling..

What is it about the rain?
An indescribable quality
that makes me love it so much more..
Maybe coz it indirectly tells one to fall…freely..
Allow yourself to fall…freely..
Let all the walls fall..
Let all the chains break..
and see how it feels
to be free..
to fall…freely..

If only it was so easy
to fall…freely..
like these rain drops,
not caring about what happens to them..
not caring about where they’d land
on a tree, on a flower,
on a window or on a roof,
on the earth or in the dirt,
not caring about anything at all..
just falling…freely..
Every time..
They fall..
And everytime
i love the rain..


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