Go with the flow, dancing along!

The waves..

of water
flowing along with the wind..
The water and wind
and form waves..
They werent wavy..
Seemed like they were dancing!
falling gently,
rising as if to touch the sky
but able to rise only a bit..
From the corner that i stood,
it seemed they were dancing,
those waves of water..
Not caring about anything,
or anyone..
Few ducks swam in the water,
the streetlights’ light reflected in the water,
darkness of the sky absorbed in the water..
Yet those waves, they dance..
And the leaves on the tree,
they seem to be fluttering with the wind,
but now they seemed to be dancing too..
Dancing along with the wind,
swirling around on the little slim pedicles of branches,
not at all fearing if they would fall off from the tree..
And even if they fall off, they dance away
along with the wind..
Hanging on the tree or falling off,
those leaves, they dance..
Slight rain was falling now,
little tiny droplets..
And lo! They too seem to be dancing along
when falling..
Along the wind,
those droplets, they dance..
‘Go with the flow..’
but its not just the flow,
sometimes the flow dances,
as if clapping their hands up,
and sudden swirling!
That should be ‘Go with the flow and dance along…’ 😉
and its all so temporary,
Creation and destruction in a union
at every moment..
Yet so beautiful..
Temporary, momentary,
yet so beautiful..
Probably it is this temporariness, this momentariness is what makes it even more beautiful!!
Coz what if the wave froze forever when it was rising up?
That wouldn’t be this beautiful, would it?
And what if the water resisted the wind?!
They dont.. They dont resist..
They just go along with the flow
So why dont we?
Why do we keep wishing and desire things and dream?!
What if we just went with the flow,
surrendering to life,
whatever came or didnt come,
its okay..
Coz isn’t wishing like resisting what life brought to us?
Arent all those dreams like resisting to what we already have?
Arent all those wishes, desires, dreams, even the goals…another form of resistance??
How can we go with the flow like those waves,
if we resist every day, dreaming, desiring, wanting life to go our way..
That is human nature, to wish, desire.. i know..
But what if we could go beyond those desires and dreams,
what if we could see them as they are
just another form of resistance
and then drop them
not insist on them coming true,
instead going along with the flow, dancing along..
How beautiful life seems then!
Just like the waves, dancing..
Just like the leaves dancing..
Just like the rain droplets dancing..
Go with the flow and dance along..
Let it be temporary,
this flow..
These dreams and wishes..
This rise and fall..
This rain and wind and water..
So temporary,
so beautiful!
Last year it made me sad and question,
this year, i see its beauty..

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