Roaming around..

Like most evenings,

today again
as i leave work
and go back to my room,
i leave everything except the phone and headphones,
no wallet, nothing…
And i go back down
and just walk..
listening to music,
observing people,
observing everything around..
I’m so lovin this!
To just walk around..
Turning in a random street,
getting lost and then searching a way back..
Whole day, i wait just for these moments..
Even as i wake up in the morning,
i’m more excited about this part of evening 
rather than work..
What is it about the aimless wandering
that i love so much..
i dunno..
Why did i never do this earlier?
when in college?
I wish i had..
But its okay..
I’m doing it now..
Just walking..
Just wandering..
Singing along with the music (in my mind)..
Observing people..
Observing things..
Looking at shops, trees, roads..
Not thinking about where to go or how,
what will happen or not,
not thinking about the past or future,
not thinking about work,
not thinking about people i’m related to,
no responsibilities about anything..
coz in these moments
as i walk,
I’m free..
of everything and everyone..
I can be anyone
or even a nobody..
without a name,
without a degree or knowledge,
without parents or friends,
without any responsibility,
without any destiny,
without any goal,
i’m free…
to be me…
I laugh, smile,
cross a road when i want to,
walk straight, turn right or left,
no one to answer,
no one to ask,
no one around…
from all the past and future..
Just being..
I thought i only loved such walks around nature,
but its the same with the city and roads..
Especially in the evenings..
Its amazing!
And i’m so in love with this city..
(Although i havent yet seen any of the famous places,
but i think any city resides in its streets and roads
not in the famous-paces-to-visit,
the roads and streets are the essence
and ofcourse the people all around..)
The blurriness of the pic..
(No matter how many pics are clicked,
the essence of this city cannot be captured,
only felt…)

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