A poem that touched me to the core!

(A poem from Kanika by Rabindranath Tagore..)

‘Alas, O Sun, who but the sky can embrace you?
I see you in my dreams, but I cannot serve you.’
Thus said the dewdrop, weeping:
‘To hold you in my safe-keeping,
I don’t have the strength, O Sun.
My tiny life is naught but a teardrop without you.’

‘I light the whole of the earth with my huge rays,
Yet can let myself be embraced by a drop of dew:
I can give my love to you.’
Thus said the sun, smiling,
The dew’s heart entering:
‘By becoming so small, I’ll fill you:
I’ll make your teardrop laughter, with my blaze.’

Who else can embrace the sun except the sky? asks the dewdrop weepingly as he tells the sun about how he sees the sun in his dreams yet he cannot serve the sun coz he doesnt have the strength to hold the huge sun…the dewdrop feels that his tiny life is nothing but a teardrop without the sun.
The sun lights up the whole earth with his huge rays, yet he tells the dewdrop that he can let himself be embraced by the dewdrop and can give his love to the dewdrop. The sun’s ray entered the dewdrop as the sun tells that he would fill the dewdrop by becoming so small, and would turn the dew’s teardrop into laughter, with his own blaze…
The devotion of the dewdrop!
And the love of the sun!
Making me cry,
as my own tears flow,
i look up at the sun
and smile,
as i see him smiling..

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