The night..

After a sleepy lazy day,

the evening passes by,
the night arrives
and back on the terrace
with music
with coldness in the air,
with the black yet cloudy sky..
Not a single day goes by
without coming up here on the terrace..
Dunno what it has,
maybe the coldness,
maybe the darkness,
maybe the night sky,
maybe the tranquility,
maybe the effect of music,
maybe all of these…
And not a single day goes by,
without listening to Pearl Jam..
What is it about their music?
And the soulful amazing voice of Eddie..
Ooh the emotions he puts in,
the perfect music that strums at your heart,
and the perfect lyrics
that you cant help but feel…
Feel…all that is being sung and said..
Feel…the beats and all of it..
Feel…the music, the words..
And alongwith, feel the night…


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