New place..

New place,

new surroundings,
days go by
with so much work,
tired and exhausted as the day ends,
as i leave work,
i roam around,
walk anywhere,
all around,
music in the ears,
a slight smile on the face,
getting lost,
finding shops,
just roaming around…
And no fear…
No fear at all…
How did this happen?!

People all around,
and traffic,
still…i roam..
Dunno what’s with my feet
they keep itching to walk and roam
cant stand still at a place
just keep walking..

Meeting a good ol’ friend
and jokes..

Talking with my roomate
and chitchat
and a bit of reading before sleeping..

Not trying to make anything of any situation,
dunno where all those thoughts and patterns have hidden,
not trying to think of future or the past,
where did all that go, i dunno..
just trying to live,
take each situation as it comes,
this new-found state of freedom
i’m lovin it so much!
Seems like nothing matters..
Nothing at all…

How did I reach here
i wonder as I stare up at the cloudless sky,
however or whatever way
I’m never gonna go back now,
just keep walking… 😉

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