The new moon…

A new moon day..

No moon..
Moon is there, but cannot be seen..
Present but absent..
New moon,
why is it called a ‘new’ moon?
that i do not know..
Maybe bcoz from full-moon it was waning, gradually disappearing, not visible, and then coming back to  being visible until it reaches the full-moon..
So the moon is ‘new’ coz it will start growing now..
Does this also represent the cycle of birth and death?
I do not know..
Does this also represent the world around? The nature?
I do not know what it represents..
Maybe its just the way it is..
Beautiful and cyclical..
Comin and goin like waves..
New moon to full moon..
Full moon to new moon..
How amazing it actually is!
I’m in awe! Wonder!
Amazed by Nature, like always!
How beautiful is this cyclical nature!
How beautiful is the moon!
Present yet absent..
in the midst of the night
the coolness
the vast dark sky
the stars scattered, few..
clouds passing by
as hazy white shadows on the dark sky,
and I search for the moon..
and I long for the moon..
and I miss the moon..
The moon..
That is present, yet absent..
Silently present, even when absent..

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