The wind..

The cool winter breeze

ruffling thru the leaves of the trees,
the trees with leaves
some green
some withery,
the distant call of a squirrel
from one of the branches,
the sun
bright yet only slightly warm
makes you feel fuzzy
and warm in this cold..
Few flowers
few plants,
bees busy,
a butterfly jumping here and there,
the sky so blue
with not a single cloud..
A tiny bird just flew on to that branch
speaks in its own language
which i don’t understand
but so amusing to hear it say, “Twook twook”
What would it be saying?
That little bird? I wonder
as i smile..
And i sit here
on these steps,
feeling content
hearing the rustling of the wind
thru the leaves,
i close my eyes
and imagine myself
flowing along with the wind..
Ah! So much fun to flow like that!
And to what distant places will it take me?
To the jungles or mountains?
To the ocean or the plains?
Maybe, everywhere…

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