Yet another year coming to an end, and just like last year, i’m not in a mood to celebrate. I just don’t understand. What’s so goin to be different? Only the calendar changes, the month and date changes, the year changes. What is there to celebrate?
  Coz tomorrow, again the sun is goin to rise, the day is goin to arrive, everyone’s goin to get busy and entangled in their own world – working, jobs and making family, trying to go after their dreams, complaining about politics and weather, sports and movies, sleeping, eating, exercising….same old, same old. What is changing? Year after year, same cycle keeps repeating…and yet they celebrate.
    I know i’m being a pessimist, but such times get to me.. I don’t mind people partying or celebrating, but why expect me to join? Why not just leave me alone? Everyone can have their choices, i just want to be left alone. In silence.
(So kindly, lower the volumes on the speakers or tv or whatever.)
And what i don’t understand is why particularly celebrate that moment every year?
There are too many moments to celebrate
every day
every moment..
Every time the Sun rises, do we celebrate? Its a great moment, coz without the Sun, the whole world would be in darkness, and life on earth would die without the Sun’s light. Without the Sun’s gravity, the earth would go dashing about in the universe and eventually get destroyed. So when everyday the Sun rises, isn’t it amazing…to be grateful for the Sun! But its so routine, we hardly even notice the Sun everyday.
Every time we breathe, every time our heart beats…how amazing it is, and so much to be grateful for…that we are still breathing and alive! Coz if the heart stops pumping the blood for even a moment, if the lungs stop taking the air in, if the brain stops working for even for a moment….we’d die! So isn’t it great and amazing to be alive? We rarely notice, we are rarely grateful for our hearts, brain or lungs…when they keep doing their work, every day n night, every moment. Shouldn’t we celebrate them at least sometime? Shouldn’t we celebrate ‘being alive’ everyday?
What is so special about the year ending or another beginning?
We rarely stop to take a moment of out of our lives…to look at the flower that’s blooming right near the road we pass everyday..
We rarely take time to appreciate the lives around us, even the people around us. Are we becoming too selfish to care about the feelings and emotions of the people around us? If so, be selfish.. why celebrate and show that you care, when you actually don’t care?
And isnt the way of celebrating a bit over-rated? Why all the noise, food, drinks, dance or too much lights? Why cant they celebrate a bit quietly? At ‘least thats what i think. (Maybe coz i don’t like partying.)
For me, smiling is the simplest way of celebrating.
Or making someone smile.
Or just being with someone, silently, without talking continuously.
Or just listening to someone talk as they pour out their feelings and emotions.
Or just walking around in the Nature, noticing and observing all the tiny things…the leaves, wild grass, a bird flying by, or the wide blue sky..
Why all the fast-pace?
Why all the noise?
Why all the show-off?
Why not just stop and pause, everyday
even if just for a moment
to feel that we are alive,
to smile,
to celebrate the simple fact
that we are alive and breathing,
that the Sun is there, keeping the earth closer and full of life, with its light, shining…

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