Music I Love, Reflections

Wandering with music

The window-side seat,

the open window,
the cool winter breeze,
ruffling the hair,
tingling the skin..
The fields outside,
some green with crops,
some barren,
trees – big and small,
near and far,
the mild afternoon sun,
the blue sky
with clouds white
spread out here and there..
And the music
from the headphones
blocking all other noises
(esp. the continuous chatter of the mind)
and blasting all other senses
so you feel more
see more
and flyyy!
The wandering…
This wandering!
travelling alone,
(only strangers, no one i know)
how serene and peaceful!
Wishing i could do this all the time!
But since i cant,
I’ll live in each moment of this,
I’ll breathe in each moment,
I’ll fly in each moment of this
with eyes open
and the heart wide open
bursting with joy!
As i smile,
As i wander,
in these moments of my solitude…

Tham jaye pal (video song) (pahadi take) – Ajay Singha

Hum do raahi
in raahon mein..
khilti subah ke sang sang
beh chala mann…

Meethe ishaarein
karti hawaein..
Jane kis dhun mein kho kar
behka hai mann..

Tham jaaye pal
in raahon mein..
Tham jaye pal
in raahon mein..

Soyi-si vaadiyon mein
ek pyas hai..
Khoyi-khoyi nigahon mein
ek sawal hai..

Boojho na,
iss dil ki baat..
Sambhale na,
ankahe jazbaat..
{Dont ask, dont try to decipher
  what’s in the heart, what it wants to say..
 Coz these unsaid feelings
 get carried away, out of my control…}

Tham jaaye pal
in raahon mein..
Tham jaye pal
in raahon mein..


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