Colors and friendships!

A beautiful dawn 

chilly and cold, 
yet the traces of sun’s light 
on the eastern side of sky, 
clouds and the colors! 
Its all physics, 
you think as you jog along the track. 
or maybe some angels playing 
up there in the sky! 
Who knows!! 
Coz you cant tell from here! 
Even if its just refraction and reflection of sunlight, 
who does that?! 
Maybe angels! Maybe tiny devils! 
Who knows!! 
Sky is such an amazing kaleidoscope  
always changing colors and shades! 
How beautiful! 
Thinking, thinking 
smiling, smiling 
you jog along, 
admiring the play of the colors! 
How vivid! How different, everyday!
What an amazing way to start the day!
A lovely morning,
chilly and cold,
back from the jog/walk,
you check the mail…
And you smile widely,
coz there it is!
The mail from a friend,
whom you don’t know,
yet you do ‘know’,
a beautiful lovely person,
like a pen-friend,
(as they used to call it previously)
a kind-hearted person,
with whom you can share feelings
and actually talk about feelings
(which in the world is like a taboo,
 coz you cant talk abt feelings with
 people around you!)
who sends you magical glitter,
makes you smile,
you love writing long emails
and get even longer replies!
who lives on an island,
miles away from you,
yet once in a while
you get a mail saying a hello!
or sending you birthday wishes from over the sea!
who looks…umm, young and kind!
coz you haven’t even shared one pic
and its more fun that way! 😉
coz only the kind, lovely person that is on the inside – matters!
who’s more or less introvert just like you,
doesn’t like shallowness around,
or people who sometimes hurt just with their words,
who likes solitude more than partying, just like you!
who writes pretty good,
plays guitar, and sings too!
(which you haven’t listened to yet)
but still, you’re his fan!!
coz whenever someone plays or sings
or writes or draws – from their heart,
you’re their fan, rooting for them,
cheering them! Always!
And, there sits the mail in the inbox!
You smile as you read it,
and occasionally, you laugh!
And you find yourself thinking,
How lucky am I!
To have such a lovely friend!
A kind friend who really understands
and doesn’t judge!
I don’t know if angels exist or not,
coz i haven’t really seen them,
but if they do,
i’m sure…how they would be like!
Just like you,
my dear friend!

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