This evening..

Whole day flows by, 

time doesn’t make sense 
as i try to dissolve myself in studying 
and forget the rest of the world 
and everything, 
even you, 
as i focus completely on studying.. 
How am i able to do this? 
I have no idea! 
But as the evening knocks 
and i open the door, 
everything rushes in… 
The darkness.. 
The feelings and emotions.. 
The thoughts.. 
And all i want to do 
is reach out to you, 
just sit beside you, 
on the edge of the terrace 
looking at the skies.. 
I slide beneath the blanket, 
switching the lights off, 
hiding in the dark, 
with music and words 
as the tears run down.. 
I wanna dream, 
but don’t want to 
coz they hurt later on.. 
everything’s mixed 
and become this thick fog
covering everything..
Its all so complex
even i don’t understand..
Do you understand it?
Can you help me understand?
Can you help me trust?
Can you help me love?
Can you let me in?
Would you let me love you?
Where are you?
Miles away or beside me?
I feel lonely and broken..
without you..
hiding in the dark,
trying to reach out to you..

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