Music I Love, Reflections


Some days 

you find yourself alone 
even when surrounded by people 
coz they hardly pierce the veil 
that you hide behind, 
you want them to look beyond that veil 
where you really hide, 
coz you’ve tried on your own 
to pierce that veil 
but cant.. 
Some nights 
you find yourself alone 
no one around 
in the darkness that wraps the night, 
and you long for someone… 
not coz you want to talk to them 
not coz you want them to talk to you.. 
but you long for someone 
just to be there, by your side 
without talking, 
without even touching 
or holding a hand, 
just their presence… 
just their silent presence… 
that they are beside you, near you 
that you are not alone 
in the silent darkness.. 
Days and such nights pass by, 
the longing waxes and wanes, 
sometimes you get so tired of people
you long to be alone..
and on being too much alone,
you long for the presence of someone
to be just there…
But does this loneliness ever end?
Raaston mein kho gaya hai mitra..
ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra..
Kuch to kami hai sawan,
sawan-sa kyon na lage mitra..

Shamo seher kyon mann ka
aangan ye soona lage, mitra..
Dhoop leke jo gaya hai mitra..
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra..
Dil ke taaron mein
kyon hazaaron mein, 
dard jaage hai…
Humne baandhe jo
reshmi saare, toote dhaage hain..
Birha to ye harjana hai
humko ada kar jana hai..
Sirf yaadon ka taana-baana hai,

na chupana hai..
Haal-e-dil jo ho gaya hai, mitra..
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra..

Kuch to kami hai sawan,
sawan-sa kyon na lage mitra..



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