Innocence in those eyes.. (What’s this Life for?)

A 10-month old child,
looking at you,
thru those innocent eyes.. 

How would this world look?
Thru his eyes? 

Learning by seeing and observing,
he stands, sits,
tries to speak
but all that comes out is gibberish.. 

He looks around,
throws everything down,
cannot sit still,
recognizes people whom he sees daily,
wants to touch things he’s refused to,
learning every single day… 

Wouldn’t it be exhausting?
But so full of energy
all the time..

Look into those innocent eyes
when you hold him,
and a thousand questions would resurface
and the heaviest one would too –
what’s this Life for?
there being no answer,
you smile at him, make funny faces
and he smiles back, giggles..

Aren’t we all like this kid in a way?
Capable of sooooo many things,
yet still in the learning phase..

Being like other people around us,
trying to imitate what they speak and do,
but also wanting to explore and learn
on our own…

The innocence in his eyes
piercing your heart
making you question
every single thing you learned,
every single thing you did,
and making you wish
to go back to that stage of early childhood
when your mind was a blank slate..
But you cant..
coz that time is gone.
All you have is Now..
the present and the future….


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