Music I Love, Reflections

Knowing.. and not knowing…

that doesn’t mean much to me now
since last year,
that particular incident,
what i did,
what i regret
of what i could have prevented
had i not been so blind
so unaware,
so immersed in my hurt and anger.

One whole year
of very intense emotions that keep coming and going,
of temporariness n unpredictability,
of being more spontaneous,
of knowing what Love is,
of having some beautiful close friendships,
of Rock songs and deep beautiful lyrics,
of being more around Nature, those walks on terrace,
the moon and the evenings, the mornings and quietness,
of learning more than studying,
of trying to let go,
of trying to shed the layers n roles,
of trying to feel the silence,
of being more spiritual,
trying to find that inner peace…

What that inner peace is,
i still don’t know..
What this Life is,
i still don’t know..
What do we live for,
i still don’t know..
What do I really want to do,
i still don’t know..

All i know…is the kind of life that i don’t want to live..
The kind of life that i would never be able to live..

All i know…is this constant feeling…that i’m at the right place right now..
that whatever has happened is wonderful and perfect in its own way,
and no matter what happens, everything is going to be okay..
I’m going to be okay..

All i know…is i’m so much more..
so much more than all the roles and rituals,
so much more than what this society tells me,
so much more than being defined by other people..
I still don’t know what that ‘more’ is,
but some day i will..

So on this birthday,
here’s to simply being..
Being alive..
Just Being…
coz nothing else matters…

And those dreams..
All those dreams do matter,
coz they guide me,
like the stars,
take me to the place i want to go,
coz they come straight from the heart,
helping me understand what i dont want and what i want..

[All I need to know (song) – by Thousand Foot Krutch]

“You could read a million pages,
Know the words and all the phrases,
You could try to turn a lie into a truth,

And you can live to be a hundred,
Memorizing every number,
You could even put a man on the moon…

And the Science of the Heart is sometimes lost on me,
But i’m following This Feeling….

I dunno why its so hard to swallow our pride,
And I dunno how many wrongs make a right,
I dunno the reason
sometimes it just feels so good to cry,

And i dunno which way the wind will blow..

but You’re here with me..
And That’s all I need to Know…..”


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