Such a Fool..

such a fool..

She keeps falling
in the same trap,
She keeps hoping
things might change,
but do they ever?

and she keeps holding back
not wanting to hurt,
she’d rather take all the hurt
but how much longer?!
How much longer
until it breaks her down?

So tired of it all..
One after another
the rivers to cross,
so tired again.

Wanting to be alone
but people all around,
people she barely knows.

Wanting to talk
but finding herself all alone,
no one to really understand..

Wanting to cry
but cant find tears that’d flow
tears she wants to drown in..

Why cant she just stop hoping?
Why cant she just cry it out?
Why does she wants someone, even one person, to understand?
Why cant she just be?

Tired and lost,
darkness and night,
the lone travelers..

and she,
a fool..
Such a fool..


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