Washed away

Tired of crying
Burning up
Tearing down
Too much
Too hurt
Too sad
Too angry
and too fed up..
and then…
closing the eyes,
feeling a calmness
wash over,
the heartbeat returning,
the breathing normal,
the sobs disappear,
and a calmness washes over
as if taking away
all the suffering and tears..
and what’s left now
is a kind of unexplainable calmness..
and opening the eyes,
looking at everything around
the fan swirling,
the air and breeze blowing thru the hair
and they move along as if dancing,
feeling everything around,
the air,
the sheets on bed
and the gravity..
looking around again,
the artificial light from the lamp
failing to chase away the darkness,
darkness now seems like a best friend,
always around the corner,
bringing the calmness along with…
Just content
to be..
No roles to play
No games
or dreams to chase..
Just being..
Why don’t we do this often?
Instead of getting tangled in these roles
and expectations
and what not..
Just be.

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