The Silence…

On the terrace
gazing at the moon
the dark sky
that hid the stars..
No breeze
still a kind of coolness..
The silence
being alone…
The quietness
the darkness..
she smiled
gazing at the moon,
talking to them
the moon and the stars..

Is this how Love really feels?
Is this Love?
This peacefulness?
This serenity?
This not-wanting-to-be-with-him?
Is this how it feels?
Like I could sacrifice and give away anything?
Or is it infatuation?!
but don’t we want more in infatuation?
I don’t feel like wanting more
I feel this quiet serenity
so beautiful
like i’ve never felt..
I want nothing..
Just feeling this content
and quiet serenity
in this silence…
What is this?
Is this Love?
Is this how Love really feels?

She felt the moon smiling back
and she smiled again
She’d give up seeing him
or meeting him,
or talking to him,
for some time
or forever,
she’d give it all up.
Coz nothing else matters..
She didn’t know what to think
or what to write…
Just feeling
this silence,
she closed her eyes
and smiled.
He wasn’t there
but he was
there and here too
in her heart and her mind..

but what was the difference?
both were one
and the same…

Photo by Aditi B.

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