Nothing makes sense…

I wish
to have complete faith
to surrender
give in totally..
but I’m so scared,
The future
past and present
has mingled so,
I’m in a pit
so much darkness
and emptiness..
Nothing makes sense.. 

I want to get out
of this mind
that keeps on blabbering
that keeps on wanting..
Nothing makes sense 

only this darkness,
this silence…
I need Your grace
to surrender
to have faith totally
to let go of all this..
Nothing makes sense.. 

I want to run away
once again
but where do I run away from
my own self…
I need Your Love
I need You
where are You?
are You even listening?
Words aren’t even making sense
I dunno what to do..
How do I surrender
how do I let go
of all these I’m holding on to..
Nothing is making sense.. 
Where are You?
I need You..
I need Your grace..
I need Your Love..
Where are You?
Where are You?

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