The Road Ahead…

She stood there..
Unable to see the road ahead..
Fears, doubts came running from
and pushed her hard..
She fell down..
but slowly stood up again
with all her strength..
she was unable to see the road
Was it ‘coz of the thick fog
or her own tears clouding her
She wanted to start walking
taking small steps
‘coz the road ahead was longer,
but she couldnt..
So she stood there
unable to move..
And she heard a whisper..
Turning around, searchingly, she
hoped for someone to be there..
But found no one..
And she felt so tired..
She didnt want to walk alone..
Again fears, doubts
She caught her breath
as if waiting to fall again..
She heard the whisper again..
This time clearer..
“I’m always there with you..”
With bleary eyes, she smiled..
The journey ahead was longer
even foggy… and…unknown..
But she knew now
she wasnt alone..
Shouldnt forget that,
she reminded herself
as she started taking small steps..
Doubts n fears were still lingering
but now she had hope with her..
And she disappeared
as the fog engulfed her…

~ ~ ~ ~

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