A little bit of kindness…

Struggling so hard 
each day, 
why can’t someone, anyone, 
show a bit of kindness! 
why is the world getting so cold 
even when everyone struggled 
hiding their struggles inside 
showing they were doing fine 
doing okay.. 
And she longed to hear
a few words of kindness
a pat on the head
a hug
and a few words of kindness
“It’s all goin to be okay. You’re doing just fine,
keep going, don’t stop. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay..”
She wished she could tell this to herself
but her own voice didn’t reach her heart whenever she struggled,
and she wanted someone to say a few words of kindness
but everyone was busy.. 
so she searched for a sign..
looked at the wilting leaves
the sky
the clouds
searched in the eyes of strangers on the road
a bird trying to fly by
the breeze
and the vast ground in the middle of roads and buildings..
where were the flowers?
where were the lush green trees?
where was the valley?
and hills?
where were the rains?
where was the chill that accompanied the rains?
why do we get so busy?
running towards something?
or running away from something?
what is this life for?
and why do we live?
to follow our dreams and passion?
but then why do we forget and ignore
the same things that once made us feel so alive??
why do we hide our struggles?

hiding it from our own selves
trying to busy ourselves,
ignoring it all, the struggle the pain..
all we need
a few words of kindness
to everyone
be it a loved one
or a stranger
coz who knows how much someone is struggling inside
and yet
instead of appreciating
or giving hopeful words,
we criticize, nag, find faults
not realizing
that our words have such an impact
few criticizing harsh words might send
someone on the verge of breaking apart
a few kind words can rekindle hope
and save someone from plunging into darkness deep…
A lil’ bit of kindness…
showing someone you care
showing someone they are loved,
and not alone in their struggle…
She saw it in the eyes of a stray dog
wagging it’s tail
looking at her with hopeful eyes
and her eyes filled with tears
coz she had no biscuits to give the dog
she had nothing to give
except love and kindness…
and she patted the dog
smiling at him
as she whispered,
“It’s okay, sweetheart…you’re doing just great.
Even though somedays you might have to
struggle to find food or shelter, its okay.
I dont have food to give, but I give you my love.
I love you…” saying that
she hugged the dog
not caring what the people passing by would think of her
hugging a stray dog
but she didn’t care
coz it felt good, it felt right…
and when she gazed into the eyes of the dog,
she saw his eyes glinting
and he licked her hand
as if saying thank you
and she smiled
that instead of her giving kindness to the dog,
it had been the reverse.
The dog had given her the kindness and love and hope that she needed
“Thank you…” she said to him, feeling grateful…
Even without saying a word,
the dog had given her
much needed kindness.
a little bit of kindness…
in actions
or in words
makes life so much more bearable
and hopeful
when the struggles inside seem to weaken you
but a little bit of kindness
towards ourselves
towards our loved ones
towards even strangers…
coz each of us is struggling inside
and a little bit of kindness
is all we need…
Be kind.
And let’s wear the kindness glasses over our eyes.
Giving kindness,
being kind..

~ ~ ~ ~
Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.


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