Hazy Cloudy Night…

The silent night
noisy thoughts
when dont let you sleep…
The thoughts racing
and jumping
everywhere around
when your mind keeps buzzing…
Tired yet not so tired
that sleep wraps you up
when you long for some alone time…
Look out, there!
The moon
hiding behind the clouds
in this hazy night..
The moon..
its your only companion
when you feel lonely
even around people..
The moon
your companion
so much better than people
coz it listens…
to all that you say
in ur mind
no need to speak out loud..
How comforting!
The moon..
coz you can wink n smile
and it will smile back
sending you its light
filling up your heart…
The moon..
coz you can cry n whine
and it will still send you its light
as if sending you hugs
and being a shoulder to lean on
even from such a distance…
The moon..
coz even though it waxes n wanes
its always there
even on a new-moon-day
just invisible
but still there…
The moon..
coz even though the light is not its own
just a reflection
still it doesnt stop sending you its light
to fill your heart..
The moon..
your companion
in this hazy cloudy night
when you need some solitude
and it smiles at you and hides behind the clouds
but you know its there
the moon
peeking now n then
from behind the clouds
lifting up your heart
and spreading a smile….
~ ~ ~ ~ 


Photo by Aditi B.

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