Agitated ripples and castles…

Raining heavily
balance lost
different things happening
normalcy not around
undetermined things…

and these agitations
in the mind
like ripples in the still water
after you throw a stone
the still water
and the ripples continue…

Need something to hold on to
but feeling all alone
no one around
no one you know
only strangers
unknown people
only men
and when agitations are there
you find the world unfriendly
and dark
cant trust no one
cant feel protected
vulnerable and alone..

a vicious cycle
these agitations..
Thoughts keep on producing ripples
not allowing the mind to be still again..
more thoughts
more agitations…
where to find the stillness?
how to bring it back?

“Look inside”,
came a voice from within..

Trying to ignore that voice
coz need something in the outer world
to hold on to…


“Look inside..”, it said again.


closing the eyes
she looked inside
as if stepping inside the castle of her heart
not sure what it was
what to look for?


Imagining her heart as a castle
walls made of stones
so cold outside
but very warm inside..


a light in a corner
a fireplace
a fire burning there..
taking the warmth of that fire
feeling safe n protected
sitting on a chair by the window of the castle
looking outside
outside there was all chaos
raining heavily
and a storm brewing at a distance..


but here inside her castle
beside the warmth of the fireplace
feeling warm, safe n protected..
on how all storms pass..
everything comes n goes
fades away..


and storm wasnt in her control
no matter how much she tried
to stop it
or to control it
storm was goin to stay for sometime
and then it will pass…
and rays of sun will dance all over the place..


so why not enjoy the storm
since cant control or stop it
enjoy whatever was happening outside…


coz inside,
inside this castle of her heart,
she was warm n safe n protected…


feeling warm
opening eyes
she laughed at the chaos!
coz it wasnt a chaos anymore
it was now an adventure!
and how she loved adventures!
adventure alone!!
and still feeling the warmth
coz no matter what happens
she was protected and safe…

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